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How do I pay for my order?

Cash On Delivery (COD); This allows customers to pay for their orders within the delivery time, As the supplier handles the delivery process and cash.

Cash accepted in the country currency only.

What delivery options do you offer?

Delivery Logistics are processed and handled by the supplier of the product with no liability on Vastry QA yet Vastry will give full support to provide customers with the best shopping experience. 

What happens after placing my order?

After we receive your order  Supplier will contact you in order to confirm order details, then we take the needed steps to confirm your order, then it moves to order fulfillment to process and dispatch.

How long does order delivery take ?

Order delivery time may vary based on delivery location, delivery time will be communicated by the supplier to the customer when the order is received.

Delivery time within 24 Hours

Who is selling on Vastry?

We in Vastry allow only suppliers/sellers who are officially registered in the country of operation to enlist their products to ensure all suppliers meet the country of operation regulations in terms of product quality – warranty and after-sale support. 

We always encourage our customers to share their experience and feedback with us to evaluate our sellers/suppliers and take the needed action in case of any violation.

Have Products you want to sell on Vastry?

Check our Sell on Vastry Section 

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