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Imagine a customer journey that better suit the Qatari lifestyle. Simple steps, just request an account, get approved, and enjoy your live store.
Once you create a seller account, You will enjoy the benefits of Product listing, Order management, Business Analysis, and Marketing. 
Vastry is a Marketplace that looks for products that people need and value every day. We allow selling a broad range of products on our platform, So we’re anxious to hear about yours.
Branding is our specialty, We will sell your products, and bring your brand story to light. Our A+ Content will represent your products in style, We will use our Communication Channels and SEO Tools in your favor.
Setup your Seller Account for free, commission only applicable on completed orders. Get Visible, and be part of the family.
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Business Listing
Vastry free listing Dashboard aims to help you reach success. Our insightful dashboard helps you drive more sales and growth to your business.
Vastry Dashboard will allow you to analyze your listing performance to strengthen, improve, and optimize your business. Although, We offer two ways of Business Listing to meet sellers’ needs:
Vastry helps sell thousands of products by moving them from their vendors to the hands of consumers. We undertake Vasty’s logistics through technology to streamline the whole logistics process of Order Tracking and Document Validation.
Using our technology will Improve Supply Chain Productivity, Reduce Costs and Errors, Guarantee Security, Mollify Scalability, and Abolish Geographical Barriers.
The sky is your limit.


Vastry aims to empower sellers through a free, easy-to-use Dashboard that allows you to List Products, Control Inventory, and Track Performance.
Vastry Seller Dashboard allows you to discover Listing Insights through Analysis and Statistics, therefore you will have the ability to Make Impactful Improvements to ensure a Successful, Optimized Listing.
Every product listing has different shopping intent that impacts purchase decisions,
Our reporting system measures the efficiency of your listing to increase business revenue and fasten your growth.
Our Business Intelligent Dashboard will provide Timesaving efficiency and Key performance factors to ensure your business success.
Control your performance.
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